What I’m lusting after

When I was visiting Cher in Chicago, we went to Anthropologie. It’s not a store I usually shop at because, let’s face it, after paying bills, food for my hungry husband, pets and myself, I’m left with little money to go shopping with.

But when we walked in, I saw a dress I would love to own, if I only had $130!

It’s called the Two-Wheeler Shirtdress and it’s wonderful! It has poofy sleeves, a poofy skirt and it’s not too short for work.

Anyone want to lend me $130? Anyone?


4 thoughts on “What I’m lusting after

  1. Adorable!

    BTW, I don’t think I ever followed up on the NYC post! Some off-the-cuff suggestions for shopping (email me at deconstructedlife@gmail.com or leave a comment on my blog if you need more ideas!)… I am ignoring major stuff like Macy’s, etc.

    1) Fifth Ave, starting around 48th and heading up to Central Park – fancy stores, Zara, Anthro, H&M, etc. If you want a fun little lunch, hit Takashimaya at 54th-55th. Closing in June! Then you can head down 57th over to Lex and hit Bloomies.

    2) Soho – general fun walking around, tons of chain stores and little boutique-ish places. Head to Broadway and Houston, head south. You eventually get the Canal (chinatown) also great for wandering around. Tons of boutiques there too, with some interesting stuff! If you need more names/specifics, let me know. Also head down the street heading east/west off of Broadway. there is a TON of stuff all over the place. Also head to Mulberry St. specifically btwn Canal and Houston – great little boutiques on that street. There is also a Betsey Johnson in here – let me know if you need the exact address.

    3) Thompson between West 3rd and Bleecker – great vintage store, crammed with tons of stuff (used to live across the street!). The general area (central village south of washington square park) is fun too.

    4) West Village – turning more commercial in my opinion, but you can still walk from Bleecker and 6th Ave to the west and find interesting stuff.

    5) Union Square area – 14th street, heading towards union square, and then 5th ave from 14th street north into the 20’s – tons of great shopping!

    6) century 21 near the world trade center site – can be hit or miss, but I clearly have to suggest a place where I bought a Jean Paul Gaultier shirt for 90% off and an Armani skirt for 80% off.

    7) Loehman’s in the Chelsea area – also hit or miss, but can be fun if you find a great bargain!

    8) a few other resale/vintage places – Ina on Thompson in Soho, and the City Opera Thrift store.

    9) Columbus Circle – the mall there is fun, especially if it is raining or you are cold. Whole Foods is the basement is yummy and has tons of seating.

    I am sure I am forgetting a ton of stuff because I wrote this very quickly while eating lunch – I will pop back if anything else jumps to mind!

  2. it is when i see dresses like this one that i wish i knew how to sew — i bet with halfway decent sewing skills, that dress is probably fairly easy to make! then you could just go out, buy whatever fabric you like, and make it yourself!

    perhaps befriending a tailor/seamstress would work in your favor?

    • My mom can sew really well. I’m OK, but not that good! I think I love the shape and the print. Maybe I could find a bike print online! Thanks for advice! 🙂

  3. It looks really cute! ^^ If you want to save money you can find another shop that has the same style. Maybe there’s a more affordable version out there. ^^

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