Product spotlight: Out of Print Clothing

I love to read. I’ve covered three shelves in my tiny apartment with books (color coded by spine, of course), and Out of Print Clothing takes my love of books to a whole new level. The t-shirt company, based in New York, works closely with artists, authors and publishers to license the content that ends up in their collections. Instead of just reading your favorite book, you can now wear the cover proudly.

If wearing an out-of-print book cover isn’t enough to sell you on this company, maybe the fact that for every tee sold they donate a book to a community in need through their partner, Books for Africa.

I stared at all the shirts on their Web site before realizing how in love with this shirt I was. The company sent me a sample to try out, and I am SO loving it.

I love F. Scott Fitzgerald, so this tee was right up my alley. I put it on immediately after receiving it and haven’t taken it off. It reminds me of my favorite tee, which once belonged to my mom. It’s super soft and long, which I love. I hate shirts that are so short and show off your stomach, but this shirt doesn’t do that. It feels like it’s been loved, been distressed and is just wonderful. It makes me feel like I’m in the jazz age… in a t-shirt.

The shirt is wonderful. It fits like a dream and doesn’t have a tag, so there is no itching. I loved the branding, the tag that was attached and Out of Print’s logo. They’ve done a great job creating interesting tees for the book lover in all of us. And, just to show off the fit, I tossed it on over my dress (where it remained until I had to go to sleep) and snapped a quick pic with my cell. I’m usually a medium-large, so I opted for large (they’re slim fitting) and I love it.

There are so many great designs for men and women. These are two of the other women’s shirts I’m totally in love with.

To see their entire inventory, head over to the
Out of Print Web site.

I’ll be styling an outfit around the shirt later this week, so keep an eye out for it.

Photos from Out of Print Clothing, and they provided the t-shirt highlighted in this post.


9 thoughts on “Product spotlight: Out of Print Clothing

  1. Oh MAN these are awesome. I’ve been blogging about my quest to wear my graphic tees more often in more interesting ways (It’s not a time-limited challenge or anything like some bloggers will do, I’m just making more of an effort to do it and blog it lately) so now I can finally justify buying more…and these are TOO cool. I love books too – I have two bookcases just packed full and I still have books all over the floor and the house and the mantle and any other surface that can hold them. It’s a sickness!

    • I’ve got my wishlist of these tees growing slowly… Thankfully my b-day is coming up so I can request some. Oh, and the shipping is SUPER fast. They sent mine on Thursday and I got it yesterday!

  2. By the way is yours a women’s tee? It looks more like a women’s cut but all I can find on the website are men’s sizes, which look like ASS on me.

  3. Oh nevermind. I just realized that you can click “Women’s” under the “shop” menu. Sorry for blowing up your comments today 😉

  4. I nearly had a heart attack when I clicked over and saw they have a “Master and Margarita” tee! OMG…I LOVE Russian literature and that book was so delightfully insane…I want it. Now. Thank you for sharing!

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