Trend alert: orange

I know the color of spring is aqua, but I’ve seen more and more pieces that are orange. Maybe it’s because orange and aqua are complimentary colors (even though Cynthia Rowley doesn’t know it!). But I love me some orange.

From nail polish, to shoes and handbags, orange is a super easy color to mix into your wardrobe. And, what’s even better is merging orange into your fall wardrobe! It’s super easy!

One thought on “Trend alert: orange

  1. I love orange as well. 🙂 It’s one of my fave shades because it exudes happiness. I don’t have much orange clothes though. I’m tan that’s why orange won’t look good that much to me.

    Since you’re whiter, those would really look great on you! I love the shoes you posted and the skirt at the lower right. ^^

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