So, I have terribly exciting news. At least to me.

Cher and I are going to New York!

I’ve never been there before. I had a shot to go when I was 16ish, but I chose to go Europe instead. Good choice? I think so.

We’ll be there for about 3 days (short trip, I know). So, what should we do while we’re there? Where should we shop? Eat? Sleep?


Thanks for any advice!!


5 thoughts on “Ohmigosh!!

    • We pretty much eat anything, except I don’t like blue cheese and Cher’s allergic to anchovies (LOL).
      We would love to find some stores that aren’t in MI, or Chicago (so smaller ones probably).
      I’d love to go to Zara’s or Beacon’s Closet, but I have no idea where they are, LOL!

  1. I looove this little burger place called Burgers and Cupcakes. the burgers are really crazy and delicious. I have only been to the one that used to be in Chelsea though, so I don’t know if the one that’s left (in Hell’s Kitchen) is just as good.

    We had a good experience with a ton of little vintage shops in Chelsea the last time I was there, though honestly there are vintage shoes at every turn it seems.

    There are two Beacon’s Closets. Both of which are in Brooklyn.

    I am so jealous you get to go to NYC, my best friend and I keep talking about going again, but haven’t been able to make the time yet.

  2. Yay! New York!! ^^ It’s one of the places in the US I’d like to visit too! I hope you’ll enjoy and take lots of pics, ok? ^^

    Have fun! ^^

  3. Zara’s on 34th street in Manhattan…along with about a bazillion other shops…I assume you will be there when you say New York, but correct me if I’m wrong! I was just in Long Island visiting a friend’s mother this weekend but of course we drove through the city for the hell of it, too.

    Have fun! NYC really is a fun place to visit, so much to see and riding around the subway is always amusing, even if you do get lost.

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