Prints don’t have to be all about floral anymore!

I love me a good floral print. If you’ve spent more than five minutes on my blog you’d be able to tell that pretty quickly. But I’ve begun to wonder what other prints are out there that I can incorporate into my wardrobe.

It’s not that I’m sick of floral, but I find that, for me, floral is a hard print to wear all year because it depresses me in the winter. So, I’ve decided to put together some examples of different prints that I found that I think would fit in all year-long. (I’m sure there are many more than these, but these are the ones I found and was able to put together.) I picked some from four different locations (and price points).

I first found these at Kate Spade:

fun prints at kate spade

The sunglasses dress was featured on last week’s episode of How I Met Your Mother. Lily was wearing it for about five seconds in one scene.
Some closeups:
I love the blue and red sunglasses and the red detailing on the top and waist.
The taffy print is great, but not overpowering.

I’m in love with the taffy print top (no close-up!), but I am not able to afford Kate Spade! I like to stare at it though 🙂

At Anthropolgie I tracked down some really cute patterns (this is where is all started!)

fun prints at anthro

I’m lucky enough to own the middle dress that I got at Buffalo Exchange.

Check out the details:
(I want this stamp print skirt SO MUCH! But $98 is A LOT for me to spend on a skirt)
You wouldn’t think lobsters could be chic, but they totally work!
I love the sailboats!!

Next, I went to Modcloth. I absolutely loved the dresses I found and their uber cute prints:

fun prints at modcloth

Check out the details:
This dress is adorable. They used to have a skirt in the same print, but it’s now sold out.
Smiling rocks!
The bow prints are great!!
I scream, you scream- we all scream for ice cream!!
The doves are so cute!!

I am just in love with the ice cream dress. I think it would look so cute from far away and even better up close. I need to save my money for it.

And, finally, I went to Forever 21, because it’s cheap, so I figured why not? LOL. I actually found some cute prints there too!

fun prints at f21

I was actually surprised by how cute the details were! Check ’em out!
I love that the kitties are wearing bows!
More birds!!
I never thought I’d want to own a sushi print top, but this one is too cute to pass up.
Very Alice in Wonderland feeling.
f21 2
I love the striped dress, and the anchor and helm print mixed into the stripes just kills me. I want this dress and I want it now.

I think these are all great floral-alternative prints that could match different budgets and styles. I’m loving the taffy print shirt, stamp skirt, ice cream dress and the sailor-ish dress. If only I had a million dollars. Then I could go shopping forever! Or for about twenty minutes. LOL.


10 thoughts on “Prints don’t have to be all about floral anymore!

  1. I adore Kate Spade. I want both of those dresses and I want the gray and white striped dress from the site too… why oh why do I have such expensive taste! Maybe I’ll save up for one… haha

    Now you’ve got me wanting to do a patterns post… specifically with some of the lilly dresses from previous seasons. She does some of the most wonderful patterns and a lot of them are random ass animals.

    this was such a fun post.

  2. I almost bought that F21 kitten top today…but as cute as it is it’s not “me” so I passed. I love the lobster dress, if I could get my hands on it I’d totally go the non-subtle approach and wear it out to my favorite seafood house on the Jersey Shore!

    • I went to Antro the other day and saw the lobster dress and it was the cutest thing EVER! I just wish I could afford it!

  3. Yay! Those are fun looking prints! ^^ The gray with kitties in bow are the cutest of course! I’m not a big fan of prints though. My closet consists of mostly plain colored stuffs. I’m not good in matching printed stuffs that’s why I opt for the plain ones most of the time.

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