The Outnet’s $1 birthday sale CLOSED!

Cher and I woke up before 6 AM, central time (So 7 am for me at home in Michigan) and the Outnet’s $1 sale had JUST started. We logged on a found 11 pages of merchandise. Most of it sold out. There were a few things left, but in the time it took us to look around, they sold out!

It was quite obvious that The Outnet picked maybe 200 things that they have 1 or 2 of and sold them. It wasn’t everything on their site, which would be stupid, in my opinion, but everything sold out so quickly! You pretty much only had enough luck to get something if you lived in the UK or somewhere else overseas.

unfortunately, I can’t even screen cap the items that were for sale!

Boo. If anyone was able to get online and get a good deal in the 10 minutes the sale was open, let me know! I’d love to be jealous of what you bought 🙂


15 thoughts on “The Outnet’s $1 birthday sale CLOSED!

  1. I was supposed to ask you if you got anything. When I got into the site about an hour and a half ago, only 1 necklace is left. When I clicked the link, dang, it was sold out.

    So there, I didn’t get anything too. T.T I was thinking that ‘everything’ will be $1 that’s why I prepared ahead and got the links of the items I like. LoL turned out I’m wrong. Haha!

    Anyway, too bad. A while ago, I wish that you had something too. But I was wondering, if you were awake that early, and everything was sold out already and during my turn to check (at 9something AM, eastern time) there was still one necklace remaining then when I clicked that same message appeared, it’s somehow fishy… hmm.

    • I thought it was going to be everything too, because that’s how they presented it. But, obviously they can’t do that. It’s just a bummer because no one on the West Coast here in the states even had a CHANCE to get anything. Oh well. I had other good things happen that I’ll be posting about shortly!! 🙂

      • LoL XD I was thinking the same thing, that it’s very impossible that they’d really put everything on sale… but they said ‘everything’. XD

        Yay! I’ll check it out once it’s up! 🙂

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    • That’s insane! And I have no idea why they’d start the sale so early! It’s such a bummer for all their other shoppers! It just didn’t seem very well thoughtout.
      It did look like most things were just pieces they wanted to get rid of. There were dresses and such from a few years ago, so maybe it’s better we didn’t get anything, LOL.

  3. I knew what I wanted: Loubies. I got my phone alert, opened my email, clicked – slight lag then BOOM!

    The entire intro page was sold out, which worried me. But again, I knew what I wanted.

    Made a mad dash to Christian Louboutin, peeked at a few I liked, all larger sizes, but ONE in a size that I hoped would fit (it might be a TAD large it turns out).

    Clicked the 7.5, added it, clicked check out. Flipped to my text file with my CC#, copied it, pasted it back, filled out rest of card details, pressed continue. Probably pressed one more button. NO REFLECTING NOW!

    Then… confirmation! I couldn’t believe it.

    The confirm email took forever, or so it seemed. I even got the money withdrawn from my bank first, but that was a beautiful sight! (For once, lol.)

    And I got red swarovski crystal 4 inch sandals … from Louboutin!

    Of course with the red sole, I wouldn’t buy any CL without it. (They exist, I’m like, why? No one would believe it’s CL if you tell ’em, haha, ok almost no one… or maybe I’m a loon.)

    So that’s my story. That’s what I got. Check my blog later for the pics, however I don’t want to upset Cher with it!!!

    • Oh, I don’t think Cher will be upset, LOL. I just thought it was all really weird. I guess I’m new to sites like the Outnet, so I don’t really get the flashmob sales, but I understand the importance of them.
      I think what bugs me is the timing. But, I’m sure they do that on purpose!
      I can’t wait to see your pics!!

      Can I ask if shipping was normal priced? I was wondering about that, but never had the chance to see!

        • WOW! That’s not bad at all- but that also explains why they had such few items. If they sold 1,000 things for $1 each at $5 shipping, that’s losing A TON of money!! I can’t wait to see pics!

  4. Rich – somehow some people checked out with more than 1 items in their carts, but those entire orders were canceled and later items came back up for sale.

    Susan, sorry but a lot of people stayed up all night for this.

    I took 2 days off, slept all Thursday .. for this.

    My hard work paid off HUGE. Those Loubs were originally $995 and I love them!

    • Oh, it’s OK. I’m just not used to these kind of sales. I didn’t really know what to expect! I should’ve done my homework first to see what it would be like- LOL. I never thought about them starting the sale at an odd time for those on the West coast or East coast- but I should’ve!! Like I said before, I can’t wait to see your pics!!

      And it’s probably just as well that I didn;t get anything- I’m too clumsy for nice, expensive stuff!

    • Oh I see… I was thinking that there’s some cheating on their part. But now that thought is gone cause someone finally said that they got something. 🙂 Congrats! I’m so happy for you! *cheers* 🙂 I’m excited to see the shoes!

      I could’ve got something too… if only I didn’t sleep at all. It’s afternoon here in our country when the sale started. But since I’m working at night shift, I sleep at day time. T.T Boo graveyard shift! LoL

  5. Thanks everyone! I only have the stock photos on my blog so far. They haven’t even been shipped out yet. I’ll get a text when the Outnet emails me. (Not turning that off until after I get the shipped email.)

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