So, some of you already know this, but I’m posting about it anyway because I am so fracken’ excited!! (Yup… A Caprica reference. Don’tcha like how I sneak those in all the time?)

Last week, Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky posted a contest to style the Dynamite Dress from Modcloth on Polyvore using other Modcloth pieces.

Well, this was totally up my alley, so I went to Polyvore and put together my set:

modcloth delightfully tacky contest

I love mixing orange and blue, because I’m crazy about complimentary colors. And, I just loved the photo and felt like the outfit would be a cute biking outfit (hopefully you wouldn’t flash anyone!!)

I entered my mix, and didn’t really think anything about it, because there were so many other great entries. Well, since I’ve been travelling a TON this week, I checked my email for the first time since Tuesday this morning.

And I got the best news ever!

Elizabeth and Modcloth picked my entry as the winner!! That means I win the Dynamite Dress!

I’m SO EXCITED!! I emailed her back and seriously spelled every other word wrong because I was so happy!!


Ok. Time to go run around the parking lot so I can try to not be so wired. Ha. I think it’s the coffee!


6 thoughts on “Dyno-MITE!

    • Thanks! I’m so excited I won!! I checked my email, jumped around Cher;s apartment and went to go tell her! I also called and told Joe, since it’ll be shipped to me, LOL.

  1. I saw this just now on Elizabeth’s blog when I was trying to catch up and skipped forward to this to congratulate you! I’m so happy for you, and I can’t wait to see you style up the dress when it arrives! Go Suze! (I’ll stop using exclamations now, I promise.)

    • Awww- thanks! I was SO fricken excited. I ran around Cher’s apartment and then email Elizabeth back with tons of spelling mistakes, LOL!

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