Tomorrow is a long day of travel for me. Actually, the next couple days are. Tomorrow I come into work and leave about noon for Lansing. We have a dinner in Lansing, so I’m staying overnight. Then, I wake up, repack my stuff and head off to Chicago until Sunday.

I’m bringing a laptop with me and will have access to computers, so my posting should continue as usual.

But, I’m trying to get through packing first. I am the WORST packer. I usually procrastinate and wait until I have about an hour before I need to leave, grab whatever’s closet and throw it in the suitcase and go. But not this time! I am determined to go home and pack tonight, after I have dinner and go to the grocery store, of course.
I threw together my brief list of what I’m taking, but this doesn’t include anything for work for tomorrow, that’s different. That’ll be a suit or something (I’ll TRY to look cute)!

to pack!

Pretty good mix? I checked the weather and it’ll be nice tomorrow and over the weekend, but it’s supposed to rain Thursday and Friday and be about 60-5o degrees the whole time, so sweaters it is! 🙂

Well, it’s time to go dig out the ‘ol suitcase and attempt to finish packing BEFORE I go to bed tonight.

We’ll see how it goes.


9 thoughts on “Travelling

  1. possibly you should explain just WHY you are coming to visit me for 4 days! Could it be for my BIRTHDAY!?!??!

  2. Wow, lot’s of cute stuffs! ^^ Take care on your trip! And it’s good to know that you’ll be updating your blog. ^^ I’m looking forward on seeing how you mix and match the stuffs you’ll be bringing.

    • I brought my camera in my room with me, so I can take photos while I pack, but we’ll see ow that goes (Loafy is currently camped out ON my suitcase!

    • Me too! I know it’s supposed to rain tomorrow, but I’ll be inside for work all day anyway 🙂

  3. i am so with you on the bad packing thing. I am a TERRIBLE packer. I am always throwing things in as I head out the door. One time (when i was in a hurry to get home to spend time with the boyfriend before he headed off to one of his mandatory 2 week training things for the army, at which time I had literally moved into my apartment that day.) i got about an hour away and thought…. “did I even pack pants?” Needless to say I hate to pack.

    • On the day of my wedding I wore sweat pants to get my hair done and to the church that I had borrowed from Cher. She took them home after the reception.

      I had no other pants. I had a shirt, underpants and my wedding dress 🙂

      Did you have pants?

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