“Holy Crap” of the week

Sometimes I come across something that makes me wonder what the hell is wrong with America.

This is one of those moments.

I just need to take a minute and giggle about these pants.

OMG. Here, check out the back:

They look like pants you’d wear to smuggle a watermelon out of a store.

If anyone buys these, PLEASE send me a photo of you wearing them.

It would make my year!!!

P.S.- I love me a GOOD pair of harem pants. These are NOT them.


5 thoughts on ““Holy Crap” of the week

    • Well, and in the 90s, it was NORMAL!! I don’t think I’ve seen anyone wear harem pants like this since I was a kid!!
      It made me laugh REALLY hard!!

  1. I really don’t like these pants… I’ve seen a couple of people wearing this already (usually in plain black) and I don’t see the beauty in it. T.T

  2. Even though I normally wouldn’t consider wearing pants like these, they’re experiencing a resurgence in popularity in France. I used to live in Bordeaux and saw them EVERYWHERE. I almost succumbed to the trend but wasn’t brave/crazy enough in the end. I still think about giving them a try…

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