I could be your heroine

I could be your heroine

Shirt: Gift from Joe for somewhere in the mall
Vest: From Cher, from H&M
Skirt: F21
Belt: F21
Shoes: Go Jane (ripoffs of Steve Madden)

Joe bought me this nifty shirt last weekend, which was really nice (even though I’m not a huge DC fan, but whatevs). I know how easy it is to pair the tee with jeans, but I really wanted to wear it with a skirt. Kinda kooky, but that’s me!

I really love the print of the shirt.  I used to collect comics, so I really appreciate the art. By ‘used to’ I mean I still do. And I still have them. Although, I did move them into my parents’ basement when I moved out, much to the chagrin of them. I think they were hoping that I’d outgrown comic books by age 22, but we all know I haven’t outgrown much! (Oooh- cartoons! Yes, I DVR cartoons. Mostly The Jetsons, but some others as well).

I’m also slightly amused you can see the scrapes on my knees from volleyball. I guess that’s what you get when you don’t wear kneepads and have super pale skin. And no, I don’t tan. I think it’s icky. LOL.

Song of the day: Punk Rock Princess- Something Corporate


4 thoughts on “I could be your heroine

  1. I like the shirt! ^^ If you’re going to wear that with jeans, you’d look more casual, but with the skirt, you looked more cute. ^^

    I like comics too… me and my brother has a small collection when we were younger, then when I was in my teen, I read manga. ^^ Up until now, I watch anime/cartoons. ^^

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