I want this skirt.

I’ve been in love with this skirt ever since I saw Princess Lasertron style it in such a cute way (over her pregnant tummy, of course).

Of course, it’s not a maternity skirt, which is all the more reason why I love how Meg styled it. But, it’s sold out in this pretty green color, Cactus, as Tulle calls it. They still have it in stock in the color Bluebird, which I’m sure is quite pretty. But I can’t get this skirt out of my head.

And, to make it all worse, there is a matching jacket!

How cute would this look as a suit? I even threw an outfit together to show how adorable it would be!

Now if only I could track the skirt down. The blue version is currently for sale on the Tulle site for $16, and the jacket is only $22 and in both blue and green.

One thought on “I want this skirt.

  1. I like the skirt too! ^^ But I think I’ll pass with the jacket… I think I’d look too much formal if I’d wear it at the same time. ^^

    The skirt looks cute… I think I’ll stick with the basics and pair that with a white top. 🙂

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