Kind of a big DON’T

I’m not a fan of guys wearing skinny jeans or girl’s pants (I know a few guys who buy girl’s jeans and wear them!) But this is taking it a little too far…
Katy Perry, Russell Brand

If you’re a cute couple, like Katy Perry and Russell Brand, you don’t need to wear the same clothes! Russell looks like he’s wearing Katy’s jeans and tanktop!

No. Don’t!


4 thoughts on “Kind of a big DON’T

  1. Yeah, ummm…not cute. I would never, ever be seen out in public with my boyfriend dressed like that. I don’t care if that’s shallow but you will dress like a man if you want to continue dating me. Hahaha.

  2. I don’t like skinny jeans on guys either. T.T They look more feminine that way and I’m not a fan of feminine-looking guys. lol XD

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