I heart sailor chic!

sailor chic

I made this thing awhile ago, but for some reason never posted it. I love all things sailor,and I really excited because I have a very sailor inspired top that I can’t wait to wear.

I’m taking it, and a few other things with me today, as I head over to help out a friend. I’ll post pictures when I have them back 🙂 I’m super excited to see what fun pictures she takes (I’ll have to document the process to show you all!)


3 thoughts on “I heart sailor chic!

  1. Seeing all this makes me wish I knew how to sail. Or had a boat. Or were at least wearing something from this collection.

    I especially love the canvas bag, the red and white striped top dress, and the swim suit.

  2. I super love stripes that’s why I love the clothes you feature here. ^^ You have that striped blue jacket, right? I like the sailor dress too! ^^

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