90s Floral Grunge

90s floral grunge?


Dress: Thrifted
Shorts: Gap
Flats: Spring
Necklace: Lia Sophia
Sunnies: Borrowed from Cher
Earrings: Gift

I didn’t mean to look like an extra from Full House, it was just an accident. I wanted to wear the dress, but it was a tad too short, so I added the shorts. Whoops! It was a little more grunge than I wanted to go, but I dealt with it, LOL.

It was FINALLY warm outside, so I opened all the windows in my apartment to just chill in the warm breeze. I also got out of work early (the perks of working at a religious-based organization!) so I got to spend a few more hours in the sunshine than more people.

Well, since I have today off, I think I’m going to attempt to make the tulle bubble skirt. I’ll let you know how it goes.