I am the mountain. I am the sea.

I am the mountain. I am the sea.



Dress: Leproust Vintage on Etsy
Shirt: Capricious Traveler on Etsy
Belt: H&M
Cuff: F21
Sunnies: F21
Shoes: Payless

I’ve had this shirt for awhile and I really like to layer it under other sweaters. This was my first time layering it under a dress. But after I bought the dress from Leproust Vintage, I just knew I wanted to layer them. By the way, if you haven’t checked out Leproust Vintage, you should! Kristin is really nice, really helpful and super cute. I found her first through her blog, then worked my way to her etsy store.

I finally got outside for photos again! I was putting it off, because I had slightly creepy neighbors tha have FINALLY moved out. They freaked me out most of the time and I wouldn’t go outside by myself. But, now that they’re gone, I ventured out by myself, found this cool tree that obscures most of the cars/buildings around me that might become my new shooting location.

I’ve been slacking with photo posts this week, mostly because I’m sick and haven’t been dressing with my usual flair. With the exception of my throat, I’m beginning to feel better, so I think I’ll be doing better with my clothes the rest of the week (with a cute Easter outfit planned).

Well, off to work I go!


6 thoughts on “I am the mountain. I am the sea.

  1. You look very pretty in this outfit! ^^ This is one of your cutest ensemble ever! It’s nice to see that the sun is finally shining over there. 🙂

    Btw, what did the neighbors do? Anyway, good thing they left already. ^^

    • They were just… odd. The guy would sit outside his door and just STARE at me and at Joe. His girlfriend (or wife, I’m not sure) would watch from the window when people came and went in the parking lot.
      They were nice, but they just liked to stare A LOT. Plus, they were kinda mean to our elderly neighbors! They blocked their car in one day causing the older couple to miss a doctors appointment! I was really mad about that.
      But now, they’re gone!! 🙂

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