The clock on the wall has been stuck at 3 for days and days…

I’m sitting in the blanket prison I made for myself on the couch, watching a Caprica marathon (I love Syfy a little too much) and dreaming of what I’d like to be wearing. I’m a little under the weather. Little is an understatement. I am VERY under the weather.


But since I went to the doctor, I decided to actually get dressed. Sure, I could’ve gone in my Pjs, but I didn’t really think I should walk around in public in popsicle print pants.
So, instead, I wore my new ruby jeans (squeeee!) and the clock top from F21.


Shirt: H&M
Tank: F21
Jeans: Delias
Hat: Aldo
Shoes: Charlotte Russe

My nails were still a lovely shade of light blue, which was kinda awesome. But I kept chipping it off, so I took it off when I got home.

Even Ruckus and Loafy were napping with me all day! I can’t wait until I feel better again. I’m not very fun or useful when I’m sick. I tend to just lay around and complain and forget to eat, then whine when I get hungry. Gah, I sound like a child.

Well, I will be going to work tomorrow, thankfully, so I will HAVE to get dressed. I’m trying to figure it out now, because it will be something really easy, since I’m always too hot or too cold when I’m sick.

Until then, I’m off to finish my 9-hour Caprica marathon (FRACK! LOL) and eat some fries the hubby got me 🙂



10 thoughts on “The clock on the wall has been stuck at 3 for days and days…

    • Yes, they’re flats. I got them at Charlotte Russe maybe 6 months ago? Their flats are pretty inexpensive and they seem to have lots of new designs every few weeks.
      They’re kinda bendy, but supportive. I’ve never had a problem walk/running in them.

      And thanks!

  1. This outfit looks really cute. ^^ I act like that too when I’m sick. But when those sick days fall on weekdays, I tend to drag myself to work. I don’t like being absent… I’m starting to hate that attitude. LoL XD During weekends, I’m much lazier than you. XD

    • thanks! I like to mope about when I’m sick, even if I don’t NEED to. It takes effort for me to get up and get dressed when I feel like crap, but in the long run, it makes me FEEL better.

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