Trying on Twisted Wonderland

I headed off the Forever 21 after I went to H&M. unfortunately, the stores near me didn’t have all the pieces that are on the Web. They said they should get more in the next few days/weeks, but they didn’t have the few pieces I really wanted to try on like the blue jacket and poofy skirt.

Overall, I wasn’t that impressed. The fit was still a little off and a little weird on everything. I’ll talk more about that with each piece.

First up is the Garden Romper, which is sold out online.

I wasn’t crazy about it, to be honest. I wasn’t able to sit down, couldn’t really bend, and the leg openings were RIGHT under my buttcheeks.

The leg openings had a little bubble hem of their own, which added to the larger poof on the bottom, which only makes a normal woman look larger.

It also looked really WIDE on my body. I loved the print, but unless you’re a size 2, it’s not gonna look OK. (I wear a size 8 in pants, am about 5’8 and tried on a large. I have an average length torso and longer legs. My hips/butt/thighs are the largest part on my body, and the romper did nothing to hide that). I wish they had it as a shirt/tunic instead of just a romper. If I really wanted to, I could turn it into one, but I don’t feel like spending my time transferring it into a top.

Next, I tried on the clock sweater top.

I really liked this top, although I’m still a little curious why it’s a sweater and not a knit tank, but it was nice and loose, so easy to wear in the summertime.

Next up was this yellow/green bubble dress.

First of all, it’s not yellow. It’s lime green. The color on the Web site is not the correct color of the dress. And, again, I tried on a large and the hem ended right under my buttcheeks (I pulled it down as far as I could).

I liked the floral detail at the top, but I think it would’ve been a much nicer top instead of a dress.

Next, I tossed on the cropped, striped cardigan.

The cardigan was actually really cute, but I have no need for another cardigan. And I feel like they’ve had similar pieces in the past.

This next outfit provided the next pieces I tried on: the black jacket/dress thing and the pink dress.


I really wish the dress had been a little longer. It was really cute and super sweet, but REALLY short (I don’t know why I keep hoping their dresses will be long- they never are!).

The coat/dress thing was really weird. It wasn’t quite a dress but wasn’t quite a dress. Pass!

I also tried on the ruffle print tunic (which was weird)Photo0223

I guess I didn’t pay much attention to it when I saw it online, but I didn’t realize the ruffles at the bottom were printed. I thought they would be made of fabric. It was also a but of an awkward fit.

In all, a few pieces were nice, the dresses and romper would look OK on a very small, tiny woman, but more pieces were a little odd.

If they get more pieces in, I’ll go try them on too. I’m still intrigued by the blue jacket and poofy skirt, although I’m sure the skirt will be really short 🙂


11 thoughts on “Trying on Twisted Wonderland

  1. holy crap that greet dress is SHORT. I like how the clothing shops that teens shop at have mostly things that are micro mini… no wonder we have so many pregnant teens. *cough* sorry, there’s the politics of my job creeping up!

    These posts always make me want to try this stuff on too. Hopefully I’ll have a little time tomorrow to hop in the store and check these out. I am curious about that romper… but bubble hems on short things always make the majority of people look like they have bubble asses… *shakes head* sometimes I wonder what designers are thinking.

    • The romper is cute, and the print is lovely, but the hem, the length and the weird bump-out the hem does just makes me sad. F21 really does turn out some cute clothes, but it’s not appropriate. If I, as a 24 year old, do not feel comfortable in half their clothes, why are 16 and 17 year olds running around in these teeny skirts? It just shocks me! And, I forgot to add it, but there were THREE adults, at least 35-40 years old shopping there. For themselves. It was a little weird. Sometimes I feel like I’m a little old to be shopping there, but I certainly hope I won’t be at 40!

      • yeahhh… I know exactly what you mean. I like to get a piece or two there, but its not neccessarily at the top of my list of places to shop.

        I did end up trying on and ultimately getting the romper. I can’t wait to style it a few different ways. Here’s what I did with it pretty much the moment I got it home.


        • Ahhh- but it looks cute on you! I’m assuming you’re shorter and smaller than I am, which is why it looks good on you! 🙂

  2. I’m 5’8″ also and I say damn F21 and their hemlines! EVERYTHING ends right under my rather prominent butt. And although I have caved and bought some skirts/dresses, I spend the entire day hoping I don’t drop anything. Or if I’m with him, telling the boy he has to pick up anything I need lower than my hip. What a way to live…

    None of these pieces were in the store I visited. Sad emoticon.

    • Were there any pieces at your store?
      I will say I have a few (about 2) skirts from f21 that are kinda long, that I like to layer with a longer, knit skirt. And I really do like their tops. Their skirts are just so short!!
      But, I know exactly how you feel. I have caved and bought a few short skirts/dresses and I just don’t wear them to work! 🙂

  3. I’d have to agree with you that these items look better on tiny girls. But I don’t think the short hemlines F21 has should stop you, because they don’t stop me! I simply put some tights or leggings on.

    • It does tend to stop me, because I tend to only buy clothes I can wear both at home and to work. Short skirts don’t cut it for work, even with leggings/tights ( I don’t feel that leggings are pants). I’ve worn a few of their dresses as tops, which works well! 🙂

  4. It’s not that you are tall, the dresses are just too short. T.T The only thing that looks better is the clock sweater top. Yea, why is it called sweater? LoL I hope you purchased that one cause it looks good on you.

    I was a bit upset with the yellow dress because I liked it on the picture you got before. 😦 It looks very different as if it’s made up of other fabric. T.T

  5. Printed ruffles? Too funny!!!!
    Yeah, forever does have a problem with hemlines… but hey, how else could they keep their prices so low?

    And are forever 21 dressing rooms not the worst? one (maybe two) hooks, no seat, and that darn curtain!

    Once I left my room to show someone what i was trying, came back, and opened the wrong curtain!!! I haven’t tried on anything there since!

    • I have almost done that SO many times! I’m always afraid someone will open the curtain and reveal my grandma panties to the world!!

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