Trend alert: pastel nail polish colors

I’ve been seeing this trend pop up on other blogs every once in a while. The new trend for nail polish colors is anything candy colored. And I, for one, am really excited.

I found a cheap bottle of light blue and promptly painted my nails. OMG- love!!

Nicky Hilton wears her Chanel lilac polish:
Nicky Hilton

Alexa Chung rocks her pale blue polish

Here are some examples of nail polish colors for the spring season:



And now, I’m gonna go touch up my nails because I’ve already chipped one. LOL.


7 thoughts on “Trend alert: pastel nail polish colors

    • I don’t paint my nails often, because I’m terrible at fixing chips, but I usually pick odd color (I wore bright yellow for an entire month last summer!)
      I think nudes and red look good on everyone and are very classic colors 🙂

  1. intriguing…. and here i was just thinking dark colors were cool – now i’ve got to try out pastels! I could definitely see myself in lavender!

    • I think it’s going both ways. And I’ve seen both dark and light colors hitting the runway, but I’ve never seen this many people have such similar nail colors in a while!

  2. I don’t like painting my nails because I don’t have nicely shaped nails in the first place. I would just end up looking like a kid who played with the nail polish. LoL My nails are squarish and short… T.T

    I like the shades though. 🙂 I love the purple most of course. ^^

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