Shopping the [rest] of the H&M Garden Collection

Now that it’s officially been released, I went back to H&M to try on the other pieces I wasn’t able to try on last week.

Well, I’m a little bummed. I really like this red dress, but I was told it’s only being released and sold in big cities like Chicago and New York. Oh, Cher! Please buy it for me. Thanks!

Anyway, I went to two different H&M’s to try everything on.

The red dress isn’t from the Garden Collection, but I liked it anyway.

The detail of the ruffled tube dress were amazing.

It didn’t look so good on though…

This dress was cute, and cheap, but they didn’t have too many, so I tried a size bigger and smaller than I usually wear.

That seam on the boobs doesn’t so ANYTHING. I think it would ok if you had no boobs. Or were preggers.


This dress had a GREAT embroidered bodice

It was a little iffy on as well.

And, the tunic. It was cute, but the sleeves were elastic so they kinda hurt on my elbows.

Next, I traveled to another H&M to see if they had different stuff (they did). But, I wasn’t able to be so stealthy with the camera (it makes a “click” sound) so I was forced to use my cell phone (stores really don’t want you to use your camera in the fitting rooms!).

Kinda awkward tunic

This top was kinda cute


The sleeves were SO BIG on this top (which is a size small) I could fit my arm inside!

Alright, let’s just get it out of the way. I don’t wear matching socks. Ever. It’s one of my odd habits. I just don’t care. They never match. That is all.

This outfit was HILARIOUS. I looked like Madonna from the 80s. I can’t even show you how terrible it was because I was laughing too hard to take a full-length photo.

This top was actually pretty cute. The shorts were REALLY high, but they were really well made and super soft.


Random skirt with another flow-y top

This top was weird… it was see-through, but was gathered at the bottom. I dunno. I didn’t really get it.

I still want that red dress. Hmmm… I hope Cher can find it!! 🙂

Next up- my adventure at Forever 21 trying to try on clothes and take photos!


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  1. LoL I laughed at your reaction on the ruffled dress… ^^ Most of the things you tried here looks good on you. The dress with some flower design’s cute and the one with embroidery too. ^^ I hope you took the 2 tunic tops too.

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