Dressing up in Twisted Wonderland

Hot off the heels of Syfy’s Alice and Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland comes our next venture into the crazy world of Wonderland via Forever 21.

Forever 21 Twist offers limited edition clothing each month, with a variety of themes, for those on a slim budget. Past collections include western, 50s, disco and ballet.

The current theme is Twisted Wonderland, which takes all the things we love about Wonderland and reflects them into the clothes. The highlights of the limited edition collection are:
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The collection released on the Web site Wednesday, but I was told the clothes didn’t reach the stores until Friday (although I don’t know how true that is, considering Rebecca from The Clothes Horse is wearing the tunic today, and looks adorable.)

The clothes are all under $40, with the most expensive items (two coats) topping out at $35. Most pieces are around $25-$30. They run the gambit of looking like Alice wore them down the rabbit hole, to looking like the romper Tweedle Dee and Dum would wear if they were girls. I’m very excited by this collection and wish the skirts were a little longer so they’d be work appropriate.

I’m planning to get my butt out to the store later today to try on as much as I can, and take photos of it all to show you. Apparently I have little modesty, so let’s all go on a trip to the fitting rooms together, shall we? 🙂 (hi mom).


3 thoughts on “Dressing up in Twisted Wonderland

    • I know! I’m (hopefully) going to try it on later. I’ve never owned a romper, except for when I was a baby, but this one is so cute!

  1. I like this collection… ^^ I like the yellow-orange dress and the coat (the one you like as well, lol). The purple shoes is cute too! I like the striped top as well. ^^

    I wish you’ll have fun trying them on. Can’t wait for the post where you’ll feature these. 🙂

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