Cloudy skies

Cloudy Skies



Sweater: Charlotte Russe
Tank: Target
Skirt: Thrifted via Platos Closet, orignally from Express
Tights: Target
Shoes: Charlotte Russe

It was bowling night! Well, that and shopping the H&M Garden collection officially! (I have a few more pics to post!). I FINALLY got my own dress, just like the one I got for Cher a week early! (Still giving a big-up to the employees that sold it to me early).

It was WAY too cold yesterday. It might be spring, but the temperature here in Michigan isn’t agreeing.

When I got to the bowling alley I changed into jeans, and the awesome shoes they give you

The carpet was just amazing.

I got a high score- 63! LOL. I’m terrible!

I’m lovin’ my skirt. It’s the first thing I’ve ever owned with a bubble hem, and I think it looks OK.

I’ll have to start getting more creative with my bowling outfits (maybe a vintage bowling shirt with the name tag “Red” on it?)


3 thoughts on “Cloudy skies

  1. Yay! Arcade games! ^^

    I hope you’ll feature the dress you bought. 🙂 The shoes looks so cute! 🙂 It kinda looks great with the carpet. ^^

  2. yess. you need a vintage bowling shirt… and now so do I! My boyfriend and I go bowling ALL THE TIME. once I beat him horribly with the score of like 145 or something outrageous for me… it might even have been higher than that… but i can’t quite remember. It was epic though.

    I love how your skirt print kind of looks like foot prints from shoes… perhaps even from bowling shoes! hehe.

    • LOL!! I am terrible at bowling. Absolutely HORRIBLE. But I could at least LOOK the part! 🙂
      I never paid attention to the print looking like footprints- it totally works!!

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