I’m feel so honored!

This week has been really good so far. After the lackluster week I had last week, I was hoping things would be better this week!

Imagine my surprise when I logged into my Google Reader and saw this lovely post from Lyddiegal of Chic on the Cheap. (Also- I totally forgot to post about it, she had a nautical themed giveaway that I won! That’s what started everything being good this weekend!).
So, because I am now a recipient of the Sugar Doll Award, I am supposed to tell 10 [interesting] things about myself, and pass it along to some other bloggers.

So, here goes nothing!

1. I have a crazy memory for movies and music. Cher will call me and hold her phone up to the radio to ask me what a song is called and who the artist is. I can usually guess a movie title or actor by something as simple as “that girl who was in that movie with the blonde guy from MMC.”

2. I have a TON of clothes, but no place to store them all. Joe says it’s getting a little out of hand. But I wear everything I own, as odd as that might be.

3. I wear the same size clothes I wore in high school. I’m pretty proud about this one ๐Ÿ™‚ I still wear clothes I wore back them (jeans, t-shirts, shoes, etc). I graduated in 2003- you do the math. ๐Ÿ™‚

4. I drink a lot of coffee everyday. I mean A LOT. I’ll have 1-2 cups in the morning at home, take another cup with me (sometimes even a thermos). Then, when I get home, I have another 2-3. I’m always a little wired! ๐Ÿ™‚

5. I’m really pale and I like it that way. I don’t tan and don’t try to tan. I dislike tanning beds. I think it’s like you’re frying your own skin. I just grosses me out. I’m not aย chicken- I don’t want to be cooked! LOL

6. I don’t have a lot of girl friends, or friends in real life. I tend to be a loner. I’m very quiet (until I know you) and I’ve very introverted. But, I’m loud and outgoing sometimes. Go figure. It’s easier for me to write stuff and have a blog than it is for me to talk to people I don’t know.

7. Along with the last one, I have a fear of crowds. I don’t mind walking in crowds, but I can’t talk to people in groups of more than four. I get all sweaty and nervous and forget everything. It’s not a good time. I sucked at speech class.

8. I don’t like chocolate.

9. My favorite meal consists of mac and cheese (with REAL cheese), sushi, pot stickers, macaroons and frozen yogurt. It’s a good thing I would never eat this stuff together!!

10. My favorite color is green, with purple and yellow as close seconds.

Alright, and now the people I will pass it along to (if they’re willing to do it):

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