Forever21 Twist: Twister Wonderland

Well, now that I’ve announced the collection just dropped today (they’re STILL updating their Web site with the new photos- hehe- I love it when I scoop stuff before they want it broadcast), I’ve decided to make a list of the pieces I’ve coveting.

f21 Twisted Wonderland

Man, do I want that coat. The pink and yellow dresses are super cute, but I’d need to try them on. I’m loving the flouncy yellow skirt, romper and the clock sweater top (seriously? Who the hell makes a sweater top as we’re heading toward spring. Oh well.)

Check out their Web site for the rest of the clothes, but, like all other Twist collections, not all the pieces have been listed yet. Expect more to be listed over the next few days. And, who knows, maybe I’ll make it into a Forever 21 store to try on some stuff.


12 thoughts on “Forever21 Twist: Twister Wonderland

    • I am so tempted to buy it, but I think i want to try it on. I don’t like super-short skirts, and I’m afraid it could go either way!

  1. that romper is pretty cute! I always have to find time to go to forever21 in the middle of a work day because otherwise its over run by tweens… and it scares me. haha.

    • I tried to go to F21 to try on all the stuff and give a “in the dressing room” post, but the lady there said they clothes come out on the Web site two days before they come out at the stores!

  2. I like the coat too! ^^ I hope I could find a similar design over here! 😀 I like the skirt a lot too. It looks too pretty though for me to wear. LoL

    Imma wait til you can try them. 😀 Post lots of pics! ^^

  3. I want that romper! Which is a phrase I never thought I’d utter in my life. But I love the print…can’t wait to get out to the store tomorrow.

    • LOL. The clothes hits F21 stores tomorrow! I’m probably gonna go play dress up tomorrow and see what I like:)

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