Trend alert! Oxford shoes

I’m sure this isn’t a surprise to ANYONE, considering the number of oxfords popping up on blogs all over (including mine, here and here), but the newest craze that’s sweeping the nations (har-de-har-har) is oxford shoes.

I am partial to nude/ beige oxfords, and here are a few pairs I dug up.

Neutral Oxfords

If nude/ beige isn’t your thing, black/grey/white oxfords are also big.

Black Oxfords

Do you own/want oxfords? What’s your favorite pair?


5 thoughts on “Trend alert! Oxford shoes

    • I only have the cut out nude/beige ones :)I had some buckle black ones in high school, but I have no idea where they are now!

  1. I’ve been dying for a pair of flat brow vintage oxfords for ages, but I haven’t been able to thrift any yet, and I’m too cheap to spring for a ‘real-priced’ pair! lol

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