My sports filled weekend

First things first. My bracket is shot, thanks to the upset of Kansas. Dang. Joe and I were having our own bracket war, because I kicked his ass last year. I had more correct pics and ended up getting all but TWO things right. This year, not so much. I totally failed. Ah, well that’s life.

Saturday morning we woke up at the at crack of dawn to head out to Sportsfest. There were a bunch of Detroit sports players there signing autographs. We weren’t able to get all of them, but we did get a few! Calvin Johnson was the HUGE draw, but he was only signing 200, and those passes were gone by 8 AM. (The event didn’t start until 10).

I snagged a few pics of Calvin, and after he got done signing his 200, he signed a few more for kids hanging out at the side of the stage. I wasn’t one of those kids 😦
Calvin Johnson

There was a TON of memorabilia around the building, so while waiting to get some of the other autographs, we walked around.


Hello cheesefest! I wore:
Top: vintage Detroit Tigers shirt
Jeans: Hand-me-downs
Sweatshirt: AE
Shoes: Vans
Scarf: H&M

Joe wore his Lions jersey and his patch jacket. That thing has been around for the 5+ years I’ve known him, and has only gained more patches.


Next, we got Zach Follett’s autograph. I think that’s his girlfriend sitting with him. She was really nice too. Although I think Zach thinks Joe is a stalker because he was going on and on about some play or something. It was pretty funny.

Joe got pretty bummed out because he wasn’t able to get Darren McCarty’s autograph. Until he saw him on the main stage, waiting to give an interview for the radio. Joe ran up there with the photo he wanted signed and Darren signed it!

It was really cool that he was willing to do that, even though he didn’t HAVE to.

I miss Tiger Stadium. I drive past the location it had been everyday. I watched it get torn down, and even now I mourn the loss of such a great stadium. I only hope something amazing (like a new hockey rink?) gets put up in its place.

More hockey 🙂

I’m off to moun my ruined bracket again.


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    • LOL- the Lions aren’t gonna do anything this year. They’ll just fail, like always 🙂 I’m more into baseball, myself. Joe’s a big hockey and football fan. It was a great time 🙂

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