Shopping the H&M Garden Collection

Technically the collection doesn’t launch in stores until March 25, but some stores have already started putting some of the merchandise out on the floor.

I spoke with an H&M employee today who said they’re allowed to put out certain pieces and not allowed to put out others, such as the dress that only cost $15 or $20 since they’re such great deals.

Damn. I was REALLY hoping to find this dress for Cher:

The sales person decided to call to see if she was allowed to sell the dress, because they just arrived off the truck. The box wasn’t even open, dresses not even on the hangers.

While she was making the phone calls, I was running around finding all the other pieces I could so I could try them on.

Cher was at the H&M in her area trying on stuff too, so she sent me her pics so I could share them with you too!

The Garden Collection is made from sustainable materials like recycled plastic, organic cotton and tencel. All the pieces I found today were really soft, really well made and really pretty. It’s obvious they are well thought out and well made. My only complaint is the sizing. Again, I am a M-L, but in many pieces I was wearing S-XS. I am not an XS, yet I could fit in the clothes and they look good. Oh well.

The first piece I tried on was shorts, although I thought it was a skirt and put both legs through one side, haha!

Next, Cher and I both tried on this shirt:

I really liked this top. Check out the sleeves!
The best part? Under the arm, the sleeve goes down, so you’d think the shirt would too. But no, the designers added extra fabric so your bra doesn’t show. Very well thought out!
You can see my tank top though. This shirt is $17.99

Cher tried the shirt on, but I think she needed a smaller size

This dress was a little odd. It comes in blue and blush (basically the same color as my skin!). It’s $17.95


I did like this top, although I’m wearing an XS. It’s a little weird in the sizing, but I think it would look really cute with some skinny jeans or a white skirt. It’s $24.95 and comes in white or blush.

Cher tried this dress on in blush and I tried it on it black. It’s a little unforgiving, but had some cool shoulder details. If you had a slimming body suit on under it, I suppose it would look super cute, but I’m afraid every bulge would show through. Blush and black, $29.95.


Next, I tried on the shoes. They were a little thin, and seemed like they might not make in through a rainy day, but were really cute. I wear a size 10, tried on a size 10 and the were a little snug. $14.95.

Cher tried on some stuff that wasn’t out at my store:


This was the dress featured in In Style. Cher said it was kinda weird, because it seemed like it was a long dress, then folded and hemmed at the waist so there were these odd skirt-length pockets.


Oh, and that dress from above? The one Cher really wanted? I got to try it on, even though it wasn’t on the floor, and wouldn’t be available until next Thursday.


So fricken awesome. Oh, and they let me buy it 🙂 Thanks awesome H&M employees! (No, I will not say which store let me buy it. I do not want people to bombard them with similar requests, nor do I want them to get in trouble.)

It’s beautiful. I tried it on again when I got home, even though it’s not mine (I do want my own though).

I ended up buying three pieces, although the dress is for Cher.

Same cool shirt that Cher and I both tried on.

Organic cotton scarf (folded in half)- I love the poppies!

114_4484– The dress, again, of course! 🙂

If you have an H&M near you, stop by to see what pieces of the collection are out. Everything is really nice, and the best part is everything is sustainable and pretty inexpensive.

When it officially launches next week, I’m planning to stop by and check out the other pieces, but if these are any indication of what to expect with the entire collection, it’s worth the money. I’m very interested to see the red rose jacket and dress. I’m hoping they’re just as fabulous as I think they are.

Check back a little later for an H&M related giveaway!! 🙂


12 thoughts on “Shopping the H&M Garden Collection

    • The stuff is REALLY nice. Super soft and well made. Just make sure to take in a few sizes when you try stuff on! 🙂

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  3. LOL XD It looks fun! But I guess it’s a lot better if you’re in the same store… ^^

    I didn’t like the dress at first… but when I saw you wearing it, that’s when I appreciated it. I imagine a Japanese type of clothing from the dress’ cut! ^^

    The top you bought looks nice! ^^ I think the black dress you tried looks good too. It’s a little body hugging though. Although I’m thin, I’m not into those type of fabrics. T.T

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