Trench Coats

Since it’s now that lovely time of the year when it’s sometimes warm, sometimes cold and sometimes just plain annoying, it’s time to pull out the umbrellas and trench coats. I, for one, own about five (give or take a few) trench coats. Yeah, I am crazy. But, mine were all very inexpensive, and waterproof, which is a bonus! I’ve put together a few looks with trench coats, rain boots and umbrellas for you guys to take a look at.

wear in the rain 1 and 2
Items in this set:

Wear in the rain 3 and 4

I love this umbrella!

Wear in the rain 5 and 6

Maybe it’s because I LOVE bright colors, or because I like to match, but if I had printed rain boots, they would HAVE to match my trench and my umbrella.
What do you guys wear when it rains? I wear one of my many trench coats, my black (boring) boots and carry my bright multi-colored polka-dotted umbrella.


4 thoughts on “Trench Coats

  1. Woah!! Those looks great! On the trench coats, I love the tan colored on the most then the yellow and the pink one too! ^^ I kinda like the flower umbrella… it looks so girly! XD

    • I think the tan trench is the most classic and easiest to pair with other things- it can be a fall or spring coat 🙂 And I really like the flower umbrella too! 🙂

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