Liberty of London at Target

While my cable was out, I went to my local Target to check out their Liberty of London collection. I’ve heard it was really cute and after Budget Babe’s post, I wanted to see for myself.

(My camera batteries were dead and I got a new cell phone, so these are all from my camera phone…)

There weren’t as many things in store as available online, but there was still a pretty good selection.





I grabbed a big armful of stuff to try on- some stuff I liked, some stuff I didn’t, but wanted to try it on to show as much stuff as I could.

My first dress was a halter, with a tie waist and ruffle front. It was really cute, but pretty big. I’m usually a M-L, and I tried on a L. I probably could’ve gotten away with a small. Seriously. That’s how roomy it was. If you got the right size, it would look really cute.
(The dressing room light also cast everything very yellow, so these photos don’t show how pretty and bright the prints really are.)

I’m not a big maxi-dress fan, just because it makes me feel like a big column since I’m so tall, but this dress was kinda fun and breezy. I could totally imagine wearing it while lounging near the pool or hanging out in the summertime.

This was the only thing I felt was true-to-size. I really LOVED the look, the shape and the fabric of this dress. Although my face isn’t showing it 🙂

This one was a little weird. It had the idea of a sheath dress, but it was full, pleated and billowy, with a blue ribbon in the middle to cinch in the skirt. With the proper body type (not mine) this dress would look really nice.

I loved the peacock print of this dress, but I didn’t like it on. It really doesn’t look BAD, I just wasn’t into it. The fabric was quite pretty though.

I tried on a few swimsuits, but I’m only going to show the tops. I don’t want to plaster my butt on my blog!
This is a two piece that is really pretty. The bottom was full coverage, not tight at all, and I felt totally comfortable in it. The top was a little loose, but I think it’s because the sizing is a little off.

(You can kinda see my reflection in the mirror) this was a one-piece with detachable straps. The print was really nice, and the fit was nice, but they didn’t have my size! (this is a size smaller than I would buy).

I loved the print, but I wasn’t really into this top. I think it was the fit again, though. I should’ve tried on a smaller size.

This shirt was cute and fit pretty well. But I didn’t need it (the print was adorable).

Pretty much the whole collection is really cute, the prints are really nice and even the home stuff is really nice too. If you’re looking for a cute summer-y dress, I’d suggest trying it out. Most stuff was around $30, which is totally affordable.


10 thoughts on “Liberty of London at Target

  1. The third and fifth dress looks good on you… ^^ The third dress fits just well while the fifth dress made you look younger. ^^ I think you must get them! 😀 The last top looks good too!

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  3. I definitely bought that last top today. ha.

    I loved the peacock bathing suit, but had my niece with me so I didn’t want to take a lot of time trying things out so I didn’t try it. Hopefully when I go back by myself it will still be there to try on.

    This is a really fun collection. I hope target does more stuff like this… it seems to be a big success!

    • The peacock suit was really cute- I wish they would’ve had my size 😦 All the stuff was really cute, the sizing was just a little off (at least to me)

    • LOL- I think it’s becoming much more common to take photos while trying suff on, but I think it’s frowned upon, so cell phone work nicely 🙂

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