Spring has SPRUNG!

First, I want to thank everyone that read and commented on my post yesterday, “For the argument of fashion.” I really enjoyed reading everyone’s opinion and I’m glad we all have similar ideas of what fashion is to us. And now, onto my outfit! (Haha).





Sweater: Forever21
Skirt: Tulle
Tights: Forever 21
Shoes: Target
Earrings: Modcloth
Hat: Vintage Underground

My usual photo spot was full of laundry, because we were getting different cable installed yesterday (newsflash- DOESN’T WORK YET!) so I posed in front of the bookshelf I broke, oops!
And, I’ll be honest, I didn’t wear the hat to work. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized how great it looked with the rest of my outfit.

Oh well. There’s always next time! I started cleaning the extra room out and realized there might not be enough room in there, so I will have to do some finagling to see what I can move around.

My outfit wasn’t super thought out- I just liked the tights, wanted to wear the skirt and grabbed the top- and it all worked! Yay!! I ended up wearing this outfit for the entire day- to go to the store in, to cook in, even to move furniture in (maybe that wasn’t well thought out…)

I really hope the cable’s fixed when I get home, because what is the point of a DVR if it’s not hooked up to anything? Oh well.


6 thoughts on “Spring has SPRUNG!

  1. The shape of this skirt is killer! Really flattering on you. And every piece works really well here, including the hat which is probably the most awesome hat I’ve seen in some time…!

  2. The head piece wins! ^^ I looove it! 😀

    Good luck on cleaning and moving stuffs around. 🙂 Whenever I have to clean, I put on some loud music to keep me moving. ^^ Try it too! Maybe it’ll work for you as well… 😀

    • I hope so. I tend to get distracted by the kitties though. If I sit down, even for a SECOND, one of them is already in my lap, snoozing away!

    • Thanks! I think you should try it- sometimes I just make myself try things to see if it works (you have to see my post today- you’ll be shocked! Three patterns all mixed together!!)

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