My closet makeover

Cher is helping me turn an extra room in my apartment into my dressing room. She wrote about it a little here, but not really in-depth, so I figured I would explain it a little more.

You see, the hubby and I live in a two bedroom apartment and we work different hours. He’s often up at 5 am and at work by 6. I would prefer to sleep till noon, but I can’t do that! I’m up and at my job by 8:30 am.

The days that Joe gets to sleep in are often interrupted by me coming in and out of our room, getting my clothes, makeup and jewelry. So, the answer to our sleep troubles came in the form of me needing more storage for my clothes, and realizing our second bedroom is home to a shelf, my computer and a bunch of boxes. We use it for NOTHING, so it will soon become my dressing room (and off-limits to the kitties!)

Cher and I were going through photos and trying to figure out what I like, because, let’s face it, I look like I live in a Parisian flea market, which is awesome. My apartment is a mishmash of hand-me-downs, handmades and new stuff. We get lots from Ikea (because it’s cheap and we’re poor) and attempt to make everything look awesome.

I have a library of books covering every shelf in the place, stacked two books thick and shoved everywhere in between. Joe and I have a HUGE movie collection spanning two DVD racks (each one hold about 600 DVDS- you do the math).

home stuff

This is my mood board of what I’d like to see incorporated in the dressing room.

And, just to give you some examples of WHY I need this room for all my stuff, this photo should help:
This is the inside of my closet. The entire right side is mine and part of the left side. I’ve kicked Joe out of half of it, because I have so much stuff. And the funny part? I wear all of it.

I’m attempting to spend some of today and most of tomorrow moving around the furniture to make room for a rack or two. When we get everything situated, I’ll post some pics, and (hopefully) I’ll begin to take my daily outfit shots in there instead of posing in front of the blinds.


5 thoughts on “My closet makeover

  1. clearly we are style/home design solemates.

    I will have to post pictures of my apartment sometime. It’s very eclectic. I mix of antiques, girly touches, ikea furniture, and flea markety like mish mash. hehe.

    I can’t wait to see how your dressing room turns out!

    • OMG- you’ll have to! I’ll take some of my apartment too, once I’ve cleaned up the crazy mess (everything is everywhere).

      • I hear you on that… my parents are coming up today and i have been cleaning all week! How one person can make this kind of mess blows my mind!

  2. WOW!!! That’s so much clothes! LoL ^^

    I don’t own too much clothes because I’m giving up some of them because either they were too old or they don’t fit anymore… ^^

    I’m looking forward for the pics of your new closet! ^^ And oh, good luck as well because that kinda takes a bit long not to mention too tiring… I’m not sure about the off-limits to the kitties rule though. 😀 Cats are really good in going to those off-limits places… hehe! ^^

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