Pretty, pretty princess

Pretty, pretty princess




Trench: F21
Dress: Rodarte for Target
Tights: Target (purple and lace)
Booties: Nine West
Cardi: borrowed from sister

I can’t wait for spring!! It finally stopped raining when I convinced my husband to take these pics 🙂 (I will have to show him how to take a photo without making it blurry!)

The dress is from the Rodarte for Target line. I got it on clearance for $13! Woo hoo!! I love sales. I was also a little chilly, so I layered my tights (first time doing that) and I really like how they look. I’m really trying to get away from too much black. I tend to favor colors in the spring/summer more and black/grey/brown in the winter. But, a lot of my clothes is black/grey/brown! Looks like I need to do some sorting!

When I was at work, I was told I looked like a princess (I think it’s the dress and the poofy skirt). That made me smile. After work, I ran home, took photos (forced Joe to take photos?) and changed to go out for karaoke. My karaoke outfit was hilarious. I’ll have to post photos of it sometime soon. No, I didn’t sing anything 🙂


5 thoughts on “Pretty, pretty princess

    • I knew you’d be proud. And I finally own a coat in every color! Yay!! You don’t want the yellow one back, right? If you do, I’ll have to get another one.

  1. Yea… I agree with the compliments you got! ^^ You look really pretty in the outfit… ^^ Both green and pink jacket look good! I can’t pick which one is prettier! ^^

    The tights matches well with the ribbon on your dress. ^^

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