Spring, spring, SPRING!

I can’t wait for spring, can you tell? I’m sure my subtle references to the season have been totally hidden the past few days, and you had no idea I couldn’t wait! With the impending season and seasonal change, it’s time to put away your winter clothes and get out your summer clothes. Or, in my case, buy some new summer clothes (haha).

I was “fake” shopping the other day and realized I don’t have as much summer clothes as I thought I did. I’ve begun to dislike short-shorts and tiny tank tops and favor dresses, skirts and tunics. I’m also no longer 17, so they don’t look right on me anymore.

I’ve pulled together a few items that will (hopefully) please everyone and be wallet friendly. Sometimes a few quick additions to your wardrobe can make the everything seem brand new!

First up, from Shop Ruche. (By the way, how the heck haven’t I heard about this online boutique until now? They’re got some great stuff, much along the lines of Modcloth.)

Next up, we’ll take a look at some items from Modcloth.

And, finally, we have Forever 21.

Hopefully these items inspire you to bring the spring into your wardrobe, because I think it’s time! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Spring, spring, SPRING!

  1. Aww… I start to think that way too… That’s the reason I’m trying to check out fashion blogs lately cause I have to update my wardrobe. I’ve always been a casual dresser but like you said, I’m no longer 17 or younger to try the clothes I previously have. T.T

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