How did you dress in high school?

I was asked that today, and the answer is really simple.

I tried to fit in for the first part, which meant Abercrombie and Fitch and American Eagle (damn the late 90s and early 00s for their expensive fashions!). But, as I went through, I realized my friends (most of them) liked me for who I was, not what I wore, so things kinda changed. Thats when I began to find my passion for funny t-shirts and vintage clothes. I never wore dresses or skirts to school unless I had to, because I wasn’t totally comfortable in them yet.

This is a pretty good representation of what I’d wear on any given day (I took this photo in November)
112509 003

But, to prove to you, I dug up some old photos. BTW- none of my friends in the photos know I’m posting them 🙂





Then, I graduated. But the stupidity didn’t stop there!







Well, it’s gotten better anyway! Now, if I’m staying in, I usually wear a t-shirt and sweat pants, but if I’m going out (without a TON of walking), I’ll try to dress a little better 🙂 I’ve grown up a lot in my fashion world since school, but I will always try to wear this again:

(I’m the shorter one. Cher is the taller one.)


3 thoughts on “How did you dress in high school?

  1. LoL I dress that way too during high school. You won’t spot me wearing girly attire or dress unless I have to. ^^

    The pics are cute! You’re so pretty especially on the dresses. ^^ But my fave is the last one. ^^ You and Cher’s sooo cute! ^^

  2. In highschool I was quite the little bad ass. Lots of plaid, Union Jacks, studs, black, combat boots. Or, if it was the day of a track meet, I was in uniform. Nobody could make any sense of me between the two…it was great!

    I turned from punk to prep in an instant once I graduated, however. A private college atmosphere will do that to you.

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