Underwear as outerwear?

Jean Paul Gaultier Green Dress





Dress: Jean Paul Gaultier for Target
Cardi: F21
Tights: Target
Booties: Nine West
Necklace: Target
Ring: Gift, Macys

This was one of the only pieces I bought from the new JPG Target collection (read my review here). It was really comfy to wear all day, although I did feel like I was wearing a nightgown, haha.

My husband told me I looked really nice and asked if I bought everything together (no), because he says it matched really well. Then I got hit on after work. I must’ve look OK, because I don’t usually get hit on.

I’m excited to wear the dress in the spring/summer. I think it will transition well.


10 thoughts on “Underwear as outerwear?

  1. Nothing beats being complimented by someone you really love! ^^ I agree with your husband. This outfit really looks pretty. It’s as if you bought it as a set. The polka dots and the cardigan complimented each other pretty well. ^^ And I’d wear a dress like that, I’d also put on black leggings like you did.

      • I think the leggings look cute on a dress… ^^ I could only pull that look during December when it’s a bit cold here. T.T

    • Thanks! It’s hard to find stuff to pair with it (not to mention all those damn buttons on the front!) so I don’t wear it very often

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