My review of the Jean Paul Gaultier collection for Target

I woke up this morning super early to head to Target. There were two stores near me carrying the Jean Paul Gaultier collection. I was SO excited to see everything after nearly memorizing the lookbook.

I was so in love with these looks:

I couldn’t wait to try on the tattoo tights, yellow halter, floral dress, green dress and trench.

My only reaction to everything was “eh.” I was very underwhelmed and unimpressed. Most of theย items were made from TERRIBLE fabric. That pretty yellow halter dress felt like a vinyl umbrella. The red dress looked (and felt) like a high-school wrestling uniform!

Anyway, when I went in, everything looked like this:



I grabbed this stuff I semi-liked, in my size, and headed off to the dressing room. Then, I tried it all on, and took some photos!

Here’s the giant (ugly) tent of a weird red dress.
Now, it might just be me, but the weird thing that went between my legs looked odd. Another lady trying dresses on suggested that I wear the thingy around my neck and belt the dress. But why should I spend $50 on a dress I’m going to have to alter myself? No.

This skirt was too short (for my taste), the top was TOO big (another photo below, where I’m holding it on and holding about half of it in my hand), but the tattoo leggings were really cute. But, for $25 they needed to be thicker. I would be crushed if they ripped, so I didn’t want to spend my money on those.

I couldn’t even get this black dress on!
I got it TWO SIZES LARGER than I normally wear, knowing it was slim and I have a huge butt (haha). Yeah. Totally wouldn’t go on. I’d need pliers, a tub of butter, Saran wrap and a whole bunch of spanx to get it on. Not happening. I didn’t even attempt to put on the red floral cut out dress because it was the exact same silhouette and shape.

This was the dress I REALLY wanted to try on. It was terrible. It did not look cute, not at all! It was also a weird fabric, which I didn’t like. I like my clothes to breathe, not make me sweat more!

The trench was a LUCKY find! As I wrote about before, each Target store only got one of each size, so there were only FIVE trench coats in the whole store. Some lady didn’t want hers, asked if I was looking for it because it would fit me (since I’m tall).

I do like it, it has great shape and cute details, but I own a million trench coats already. Read my other post if you’re interested in purchasing it from me (I don’t want to return it if someone REALLY wants it).

Finally, I tried on the green polka dotted dress.
I really liked this one. Obviously I would have to wear something over it to go to work, but it was long enough and wasn’t super revealing and had some cute pleating detail. Plus, it was made of a more normal fabric (polyester) so it wouldn’t make me feel like I was wearing a picnic blanket.


And, lastly, I tried on the floral halter dress (same design and shape as the yellow one, but that color yellow doesn’t look good on me).

It’s a great maternity dress. It’s just not figure-flattering.

There was some other stuff I didn’t even bother to try on:



Oh well. Did you go to Target? What did you try on? What did you like/dislike?


13 thoughts on “My review of the Jean Paul Gaultier collection for Target

  1. Hmmm. I did not go to Target. I confess I didn’t have any clue this collaboration was due to hit stores. However…since I live in an area completely lacking citizens with even a semblence of interest in fashion, everything is most likely still sitting on the racks.

    When the Rodarte collection came out I went back several times trying stuff on, weeks and weeks after it first debuted. I felt sort of bad because people were lamenting they couldn’t find things – like the mustard cardigan – but there were a handful of them I passed on a weekly basis. I should have bought them to sell, like you did. Ah, well. Hindsight is 20/20…

    • Well, I was planning to keep the trench, but my sister pointed out that I already have a tan trench, so I don’t really need it.

      I know there are lots of places that don’t have Targets, so I figure if someone wants it, why return it? As long as they cover the cost, it works for me! ๐Ÿ™‚ (There were only about 4 stores in all of Michigan carrying the collection, so I assume it’s like that all over!)

      There were a few dresses that would probably look good on you. I just looked odd in some of them because I don’t have the correct body shape for them (sad).

  2. There’s no Target here but I had fun reading your reviews anyway… ^^

    Most products, especially clothes could look good in the pictures but isn’t too pretty at person… You won’t really appreciate the clothes unless you’re touching the fabric itself. Sometimes, fabrics can be too thin making the clothes look cheap. T.T

    On the stuffs you tried, I think the best would be the green polka dots dress and the halter dress. ^^ The skirt’s just right… Maybe too short for your preference but it isn’t too short for me. Besides, you can wear leggings so it would look okay. ^^

    Your reaction with the red dress is funny! ^^

    • Haha- I know! I have a few other pictures making different faces, but that picture was my gut reaction!! ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’m glad I got to see the clothes, because the fabric really was terrible on most of them!!

  3. I’m sooo glad I’m not the only one who thought the fabric was terrible…JPG is one of my favorite designers – this collection was a disappointment though…
    The green polka dot dress was one of my favorites too, but I decided that I could make it in much better quality and much cheaper than buying it…
    Good luck on getting the trench though – that’s the only thing I planned on buying but couldn’t (it was sold out)!

  4. loved your review! i went to the store today and was pretty unimpressed. the only things i liked were the black strapless dress (although i had to go up SO many sizes and i’m still not crazy about the fabric) and the trench coat.

    • That black dress was beautiful, but I totally agree about the sizing. There were trenches at your store? Awesome!! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • the bad thing about the black dress besides the sizing was the fabric. i feel like dude designed the line thinking hey its spring let me make clothes that can double as a raincoat..esp with that material :/ i bought it..but i may return it to be honest.

        and there were TONS at my store. it’s so bizarre. also its available in like an OLDER run down target by me instead of the new one in a wealthier area. sooo weird. haha. i just posted a review on my blog actually.

        OH! and that red dress.. i tried the striped version on in an xs and it was still too big/weird. i even wrapped the drape as a scarf around my neck but … eh. i looked ridiculous.

        hi, i ramble. haha ๐Ÿ˜›

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