Best and worst from the Oscars

I didn’t get to watch all of the Oscars last night, so I spent most of it looking up what people wore.

I have a few favorites and few that needed to be rethought. Cher did a big post about what shoes the ladies wore, check it out!

My favorites:
Anna Kendrick was my FAVORITE. I thought she looks stunning. I didn’t get to see her walk the red carpet, but I saw her on stage and was blown away. After the dress meltdown she had, this last-minute fix was well worth it. Kendrick says, “There was another dress that was being made… The designer will remain nameless… It was not for me. It was blue.”

Elizabeth Banks. She’s funny, wears beautiful dresses really well and is a good public speaker (Kristen Stewart, were you taking notes??). She’s my #2.

Gabourey Sidibe
Gabourey Sidibe looked amazing. It can be tough to make a larger lady look chic and polished and whoever picked this dress for her did a great job. It’s very flattering and a great color. My #3.

Now, onto my worst dressed for the evening.

Oh Charlize. Where did you go wrong? This dress would be lovely, if not for the fabric roses on your boobs!

And dearest J-lo. Bubble wrap isn’t good for a dress. Nice color, but the fabric looks like bubble wrap! It’s also not gathered in a flattering way, and when you pose with your butt sticking out at an odd angle, it looks worse.

Now I have a couple funny pictures:

Amanda Seyfried
I think Amanda Seyfried is wearing the same fabric as J-lo, but it looks MUCH better in this silhouette.

Lookit Sigourney Weaver checkin’ out Peneolpe Cruz‘s dress! So funny!

Who’d you like? Who didn’t you like?

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8 thoughts on “Best and worst from the Oscars

  1. I liked Anna Kendrick’s dress too! Although I guess it would look better for someone who has tanner skin… It looks a bit nude on her. But I love the dress. ^^ So cute! ^^

    Next on my list is Penelope… I actually like the way she carried the dress… not the best dress out there but I guess it suits her well. ^^

    The worst dress for me is, TADAAAH! Charlize Theron. I love the color… but what are those flowers doing there?? LOL XD

    • Exactly! See- this is why we are friends!! 🙂
      Did you watch them or were they too early/late for you?

      • LoL ^^ I haven’t watched it on tv cause it was shown here in the Monday morning, I guess around 9am… I think I’m still sleeping by then. XD I was too tired during the other day because of our team building event at work.

        I just check the pictures and the winners as well during the afternoon. ^^

    • Maybe she took someone else’s invite? haha!! Yeah, there were a few people I saw photos of and just couldn’t understand why they were there. So weird!

  2. Tha “Bubble wrap” does seem correct on J-Lo’s dress. It almost has a quilted kind of look, which doesn’t work with a formal evening gown. Deb

    • Thank you! She’s been listed in a few places as “best dressed” which I think is odd…

  3. Elizabeth Bankes was my favorite and then Anna Kendrick. I also liked Sandra Bullocks’ dress.

    The boob rosettes I really thought was terrible too, though I did like Jo-Lo’s.

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