Let’s chat about skirt length!

I’m a pretty tall girl. Dresses tend to be pretty short on me, unless I get a larger size or the style has a longer skirt. And, I realize “short” is a relative term. Something super short on me will fit my short friends perfectly. Something really long on them fits me perfectly, so it’s hard for designers to make clothes for that happy medium. For the most part, I believe designers ignore the tall, normal size girls and instead design for the super skinny model types. I’m not a model, but I’m not fat. I’m an average size female, who happens to be tall and likes to wear skirt. It angers me when everything is made for super skinny girls who can wear mini skirts everywhere. Life is not like The Hills or Gossip Girl. Most women can’t get away with super short skirts every day of their lives, no matter how awesome their legs are.

So, I was really excited when Modcloth posted this link on their Facebook page. It’s a category for their longer length dresses. Yay! (One point to clarify- some of the dress lengths are shorter than the one I’m wearing in the photo below. I believe that the dress below is too short for work, but not for everyday life, so all the dresses in the category are subject to interpretation).

I love the clothes Modcloth sells, but I find that the dresses are often too short to be appropriate for work, but that doesn’t mean I can’t wear them! One of my favorite dresses, the Soda Fountain dress, in Ginger, I’ve worn to work by itself and felt uncomfortable because I could feel the chair on my butt when I sat down (too short!). So I wore it again, with another skirt under it. It was awesome!

If you work in a professional setting, your clothing should reflect that. Yes, you can have fun with fashion and colors, as I do, but I wouldn’t go to work in a halter top and micro mini.

Do you remember the rule “its ok if you put your hands at your sides and the skirt/shorts are longer than you fingertips?” That doesn’t fly in the professional world. It doesn’t matter if it’s past your fingertips. If it’s 2 inches or more above your knees, don’t wear it to work, wear pants/leggings (NOT TIGHTS) under it, or another skirt under it.

I know that hemlines go in and out because of the seasons, but that doesn’t mean everything that’s fashionable is appropriate for the office.

I applaud Modcloth for listing the longer styles for the taller or modest ladies that like to shop there. But, sometimes it’s hard to find clothes that are long enough. (FOREVER 21- WHEN WILL YOU MAKE LONGER SKIRTS??)

It’s harder when you’re shopping online. I know Modcloth suggests this to ladies, but I will reiterate: find a skirt and dress you like the length of, that fits you well. Lay them flat and measure the length from hip to bottom of the skirt, and shoulder to hem.

For example, the dress above, which is too short for me, has a length of 37 inches (from shoulder to hem). That means if I purchase a dress with a length shorter than that, it will fit me like a micro mini, but if I buy one longer, it will be longer.

Oh well. For now, layering works!

This is entirely my opinion- I was not paid for this nor does Modcloth even know I wrote this.


5 thoughts on “Let’s chat about skirt length!

  1. Hmm… how tall are you again? I think the dress’ skirt fits perfectly. It isn’t really too short. ^^

    But yea, I agree with the office thingy. It’s much better to wear a longer skirt at work. Short skirts or pencil skirts are better worn on other places…

    I like the first pic… when you added another skirt before the dress… ^^ It looks good. 🙂

  2. I’m the same height, and length of skirts is a constant problem. I don’t have to worry about work because I’m not in the professional field, so at least that isn’t an issue, but sometimes I just wish I could somehow get down to the ground to pick something up without exposing myself. Even getting into the truck can be tricky! For an evening out it’s no problem and I rock minis, but I need daytime skirts, too! Preferably at the same price point. A girl can dream, right?

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