Snowy day (and Loafy’s day out!)

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It snowed again last night. Loafy, one of our kitties, has been whining at the door for DAYS to go outside (they’re both indoor cats with the rare exception we take them out on a leash). Since I got out of work early, we decided to shoot my outfit photos outside and take her with us. (my outfit photo is at the bottom, but the story is so cute, I had to tell it first!)

2-22-10 3
Loafy sat on my lap patiently as I put on the sparkly pink harness and leash. She seemed to know what was happening!

2-22-10 4
She was ready to get down and play. She didn’t want me to hold her!

2-22-10 5
We got between 6 and 8 inches of snow, so there was A LOT for her to try to walk in.

2-22-10 7
She chose to hide in my footprint instead of play

2-22-10 8
She was interested in being outside

2-22-10 10
But she ended up REALLY cold, so I snatched her up and held her close. I took her inside after this photo, but came back out for one final outfit shot.

2-22-10 11
You can see where her wet paw was on the sweater!

Sweater: Express
Scarf: H&M
Pants: Old Navy
Wellies: DSW
Coat: Vintage, thrifted

Loafy is now playing in the house, happy to be out of the snow. She hasn’t gone near the door in a while. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Snowy day (and Loafy’s day out!)

  1. aww, poor chilly kitty!
    shes a cutie patootie — i really like the picture where she looks like shes about to pounce on something…

    oh yeah, BTW, fairly new reader here, and im pretty sure i have never left a comment. 🙂

    • Well thanks for leaving one today! 🙂

      Yeah, there were some other people out watching us like we were crazy for having our cat in the snow! LOL- she liked it, she just got cold really quickly. I have a coat for her (yes, I am crazy) that I will have to put her in next time.

  2. I guess this outfit looks really good with your best accessory, Loafy. 🙂 The last two photos are the best! 🙂 Loafy and you looks great on the second to the last photo.

    Although there was one ensemble of you that I really like (the rocker outfit before, remember? ^^) I loved this one more cause of Loafy! ^^ She looks really cute!

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