Surprise party

Surprise party!


2010-2-20 2

2010-2-20 1

Top: F21
Cardigan: From Tania of What Would a Nerd Wear
Jeans: Old Navy
Tank: Target
Necklaces: F21 and Charlotte Russe
Flats: Charlotte Russe

On Saturday night Joe and I drove up to Mount Pleasant for a surprise party for his aunt. It was really fun, and great to see everyone. And, for once, I felt adequatly dressed. Joe’s cousins (the ones that threw the party) are really pretty and always dressed really nicely, so I felt like I needed to make sure I looked like myself, but just as nice as they always look.

I really love this cardigan! Tania from What Would a Nerd Wear and I swapped sweaters. She got a 3/4 sleeve, teal sweater from me, and I got the cardigan from her. I can’t wait to see how she styles the sweater, and I hope she really likes it! It wasn’t getting much attention from me, and it was such a sweet sweater that I’m happy it’s going to a new home.

And, for Cher, Ruckus brought me her ball for the last photo- she was waiting for me to throw it to her, which I did as soon as I was done taking the shot.


2 thoughts on “Surprise party

  1. Yea, the jacket looks good… ^^ I like it too. I like stripes. 🙂

    This ensemble may look simple but really hip! ^^ I like it. This is the same clothing I’d wear to get to parties… ^^ I looove the shoes too. I’ve seen this somewhere on your old post. ^^

    The necklace looks good too. 🙂

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