Off topic, but I’m posting anyway!

Cher sent me a link for #HAPPO, which made me immediately grateful for having such an awesome friend!

Joe and I have been looking to relocate to a city closer to Cher, since there isn’t much left her in Michigan. I have a great job here, working at a non-profit, but I feel like I need to give some other things a chance (or at least see what happens).

I graduated college in 2006, a semester early, and began my career with a job offer at the name non-profit I had my internship. I’ve been there for three years, moving up and gaining more responsibilities.

Currently I am the Web content coordinator, editor and in charge or the overall Web site redo. I’m the event planner for the organization. I do the graphic design, the social media and anything else I’m asked. I do a lot!

I’m an avid user of Adobe products, self-taught in the programs. I find that I learn by doing, and unless I’m removing a program   computer, I’m not going to delete anything. I love computers and often find myself getting asked to fix this or that, or asked how to do something. If I don’t know, I will figure it out.

I love learning new things and am very self motivated to learn the next big thing or figure out what else will be needed or useful before everyone else so I can have a jump on it and how it works.

I am very much interested in social media, graphic design and, obviously, public relations.

I have a brief online portfolio of my work and can be reached here.