My unicorn princess heels!

It’s no lie that I’ve been in love with these Jeffrey Campbell shoes for a while:
Unicorn Princess Heels

But, you also know that I can’t afford to drop $120 on a pair of shoes, no matter how awesome they are.

So, I’ve been sitting here, pining over these shoes for the past six months or so, until on day last week Cher sends me a message letting me know she found some awesome knockoffs for only $20!!

Well, I spend about $20 on shoes usually, or a little more if they’re on sale (I’m sorry, I’m thrifty!), so I snapped up a pair. The only ones left in my giant size 10 was white, which is totally fine, because I love white shoes in the spring and summer, which is when I would wear these.

So, I placed my order and three days later these arrived at my house.

There are some subtle differences that you’d only notice if you’ve seen the Jeffrey Campbell pair.
The ruffles don’t extend all the way to the end in the front, as the “real” shoes do. And there is a line on the heel where it was cast.

But, like I said, unless I told you, or you knew what to look for, you’d never know these were super cheap knockoffs.

Since Cher showed me where to buy them, I had to take them over and model for her. (I found another site that all three colors in all sizes.)


After we were done playing with these shoes, we also modeled the new shoes we got from Payless.
Cher finally swallowed (some of) her words and bought a pair of the Christian Siriano shoes, although they are still much tamer than the original runway version.

And I got a pair of Lela Rose platform sandals. (They’re available on the web in this green or solid blue.)

I am now dreaming of spring, waiting for the days I can wear these shoes out of my apartment and not end up in a giant snow bank.


2 thoughts on “My unicorn princess heels!

  1. Wow! All the shoes looks good! ^^

    I kinda noticed the difference on the heels between the Jeffrey Campbell and the cheaper version too. But they still look great and people won’t really notice it once you’re already wearing it. ^^ The other shoes you bought looks good too. But I think I’ll get the blue one in case I’m going to buy one cause it’s easier to have it matched with my clothes. ^^

    In our country if you’re going to spend $20 dollars on cheap shoes, you can get up to 6 pairs of shoes. HAHA! XD No kidding.

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