My top ten playlist of the week

Although this is my fashion blog, music still plays a big part in my life. Different soundtracks inspire me, make me happy or fill my mood if I’m sad. (And, as you can tell by my name, Miss Vinyl Ahoy, I have a large collection of vinyl.)

My life has always been surrounded with music, and the love affair will never end. My relationship with Joe began with me realizing he was the guy in the band I’ve always had a thing for. Everything birthday, Valentine’s Day and Christmas since our first date five years ago, he’s learned and serenaded me with my favorite songs. One of them I’ve loved for as long as I’ve known him, and it was played at our wedding. He wasn’t in the room, I think he was heading to the bathroom, but when he heard the first few opening cords, he immediately ran back into the room to dance with me, knowing how much that song meant to me. It was the first song he learned to play for me, the first song he every did play for me, and it always makes me think of him. It’s always on the top of my playlist and no matter what I do, I never tire of it.

When I get dressed everyday, the soundtrack playing in the background inspires me to wear certain things. These have been my top ten songs for the past week:

1. Bulletproof, La Roux
2. Good Girls Go Bad, Cobra Starship (I knew Gabe when he was fronting Midtown, and I’ve always loved his style)
3. Punk Rock Princess, Something Corporate (this is THE song I was talking about above. Love)
4.  You and I (acoustic), Anarbor
5.  Uprising, Muse
6. 99 Red Balloons, Goldfinger
7.  Monster, Lady Gaga
8.  I’m Comin’ Home, Murder by Death
9.  Umbrella, All Time Low
10. Spam, Save Ferris

And, a brief collage of what I wore last week:

I mixed colors, patterns and decades in my clothes last week, kinda like my music taste.

What’s your top ten playlist of the week and does it affect the way you dress?


5 thoughts on “My top ten playlist of the week

  1. Aww… Your story is sooo sweet. 🙂 I can’t relate much with the songs because I’m too left behind when it comes to music. T.T I work at night so by then, some radio stations aren’t on air anymore, I can’t even catch music tv. T.T

  2. As bizarre as it sounds, my taste in music does not reflect my decision to dress at all. I listen almost exclusively to rap and hip-hop, but that’s not my clothing style in any sense. I do not wear the Apple Bottom jeans as oft described! I think that makes it even funnier, though, than if I DID dress like I was a video girl.

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