Finishing touches

Now that I’ve begun to show my style more and am enjoying dressing how I want, I’m realizing I have a few finishing touches I need to work on.

I think I’ve discussed it before, but my skin isn’t really that great. It’s always been greasy, pimpley and just super pale with red blotches. I’ve tried EVERYTHING, well almost.

I’ve been reading really great reviews of Soap and Glory, British cosmetics now available at Target.

So, I bought the mask treatment that’s meant to help calm oil production and the spot treatment. Have I mentioned the products have the CUTEST names? I didn’t buy the lip plumper, but it’s called “Sexy Mother Pucker.” Oh, and the packaging is all vintage looking, which we all know will interest me in a product in seconds.

Totally love these products so far. They smell delicious, and I sincerely hope they work. If not, I might be really sad.

Beyond those products, I’m working on the makeup stuff too. I suck at makeup. Cher is soooo much better and she’s been trying to teach me how to use it properly for years. I know a little bit, but not enough. I’d love to be able to do the 60s cat-eye, but I’m not really able to do it. Cher, HELP!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Finishing touches

  1. LoL I need lots of help when it comes to makeup too. XD I hope you’ll post a tutorial of the 60’s cat eye makeup once you’ve learned how to do it. XD

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