Wish list

On this lovely snowy day, I’ve decided to put together my “wish list.” I want to own all the stuff on this list!

Wish List!!
Forever 21 top, Modcloth skirt and top, Forever 21 dress, two Modcloth dresses, Modcloth shoes, Betsey Johnson shoes, Forever 21 purse, Modcloth wallet, and the BEST THING EVER, storm tropper adidas shoes. Love.
To bad I will probably never own any of this stuff because I am not made of money! Maybe I need a second (or third, maybe fourth) job to buy stuff like this? LOL.

2 thoughts on “Wish list

  1. I looove the pink shoes with ribbon! 🙂 It looks cute. You can buy them but maybe not all at once. Try buying one or two items per month. ^^

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