A call for help.

They were sold through Modcloth not too long ago, but they sold out before I could buy them. Now, I can’t find them. So, bloggers, fashionista and friends everywhere- please help me find these awesome shoes (or good replacements).
I am fairly certain the brand is Breckelles and the model is Jane


5 thoughts on “A call for help.

    • Thats ok! I just can’t find them anywhere! Where’d you find them??

      Cher tried FOREVER and couldnt find any sizes larger than 8!

      • Yea… I only found size 8 or 8.5 too… plus they’re brown or silver. 😦

        I think we’d just have to look for similar looking ones.

    • Thanks for looking! I’m bummed I never bought them 😦 Ah well. Maybe I can fake a pair that look as cool? LOL

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