How to wear jean shoes

Cher did some awesome posts about jean shoes. But Kelly doesn’t like them. So here are some example of ways to wear jean shoes without being mistaken for trailor trash.

Jean Shoes 1
Jean shoes 2
Jean shoes 3

Kelly, be nice to Cher. My outfits kick ass. That is all.


5 thoughts on “How to wear jean shoes

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  2. LoL I always wear jeans because they’re comfy and casual… ^^ I used to have a foot wear with jeans on it too. ^^ They’re a little chunky too adding like 4 more inches on my height (I’m 5’5″)… ^^

    I have a couple of denim skirts too… ^^ I think I have four or five? Most of it are pencil skirts. 🙂

  3. LoL I forgot to add in that I love the second ensemble. ^^ I love wedge shoes that’s why that one caught my eye. The white top and the jacket wins for me too… ^^

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