Alya’s Request

Alya, from kookulai, recently thrifted this great pair of shoes:

She wasn’t really sure what to pair them with, so I created a few outfits around them, using pieces she either already owns, are similar to what she owns, or would be able to purchase easily. The shoes are pretty androgynous, so I tried to find more feminine pieces to pair them with.

Outfits 1 and 2: based around the shoes and leopard print tights

Set 1 for Alya
I love these tights (I actually have the same ones) and I like pairing them with warm colors for the remainder of winter. The idea behind the outfit on the left is to pair a fitted knit skirt with a chunky sweater/cardigan. The outfit on the right is a more detailed tunic with a knit skirt and a simple cardigan over it.

Outfit 3: schoolgirl chic

Second outfit for Alya
I love t-shirts, oh it’s true. Staring at the shoes, they reminded me of a pair you’d wear to a private school, matching them to your plaid skirt. If you don’t like a plaid skirt, another printed skirt can look just as fun (or the thrifted, longer plaid skirt I saw in an older post on Alya’s blog). The tights and knee socks are if it’s cold, or if you want to layer- sometimes it can give the outfit a whole new look.

Outfit 4: sweater dress and girlie accessories

Outfit #3 for Alya

I love the look of a good sweater dress (or a long sweater with a knit skirt under it). I felt like these shoes would ground a feminine, floral outfit. The pearls also make the outfit more feminine, while the chunky sweater and shoes make sure it’s not too girlie.

Outfit 5: Pants! (sorta)

Outfit for Alya #4 (with pants!)
I wanted to make sure I used pants (or capris) in one of the outfits, so I put this one together based around the yellow scarf (it’s a little lighter than the one Alya owns). The scarf, purse and top all go together, and it’s an easy outfit to pair with the shoes, capris (shorts or jeans would work well) and a cardigan, if it’s cold.

Outfit 6: Borrow your boyfriend/husband’s shirt!

Outfit 5

Maybe it’s because I’m wearing a similar outfit today, but I think you can make menswear very feminine by adding a belt and wearing with a fitted skirt. Again, I love t-shirts, so this would be a quick and easy outfit to throw together if you were running out to the store, or heading out to work. Depending on your feelings about patterns, either a simple, solid color shirt, or a plaid one would look awesome and oh-so-chic (in my opinion!).

Well, there you go. Those are a few of my suggestions for rockin’ out those shoes. Alya, I hope these outfits give you inspiration to wear those awesome shoes, and I hope you don’t mind crazy prints, colors or any of the other things I picked out!


4 thoughts on “Alya’s Request

  1. Oh, gosh, so many ideas! I really like the suggestion of the sweater dress and girlier accessories, as well as going with the menswear look on the last outfit. And using the Betsey Johnson tights should have been an obvious choice! But now you see why I asked you instead of stressing over it myself. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it and can’t wait to try out your ideas.

    P.S. I tried wearing the shoes out last night and was made fun of mercilessly by the male’s at the Superbowl party, hahaha. Hatersss.

    • You’re very welcome! I tired to pull some ideas from stuff you already own and like to wear (like the tights or the skirts with chunky sweaters- and the yellow scarf!).
      Those shoes are awesome! Men will always hate on what we wear 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you end up pairing them with!
      This was really fun to do- my husband was watching me put together outfits all weekend. He kept laughing at me when I’d say “oh, wait! This would look much better!”

      Let me know if you ever want me to play stylist again!

  2. The schoolgirl chic outfit wins for me! 🙂 But I like the sweater dress too and the printed shirt on the last set. You have some pretty nice picks for that shoes!

    • I try! 🙂 And, I tried to make them all different, so then you can pick what you like outta the mix. Not everyone likes color and patterns as much as I do!

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