Request from Cher: blue suede shoes

Cher owns an awesome pair of blue suede heels. I have a similar purple pair. Cher asked me to style her shoes into three outfits: casual, party and work. I tried to pick stuff she either owns, or could own, that was all reasonable in price. Without further ado, here are the outfits:

Casual for Cher

Forever 21 Plaid Dress, $25
Forever 21 Jacket, $28
GUESS ‘Carrie’ Pump, $90
H&M Purse, $25
Forever 21 Necklace, $7.80
Sheer Heart Tights, $8

I suppose you could also wear this to work, depending on the length of the dress. Cher’s not really into patterns, but I think this dress is simple enough that she might even like it.

I have a feeling Cher will love this outfit because of the glittery top and the tutu skirt. I think the jacket’s awesome because of the bow on the back that I realize you can’t see. Ah well. It was worth a shot!

This ruffled top is more expensive than I think Cher would normally purchase, but I think it fits the outfit and would be pretty easy to recreate. I realize there is not blue in the skirt, but I think it looks great!

Cher, do you like your outfits?


4 thoughts on “Request from Cher: blue suede shoes

  1. The work outfit is fantastic (actually, they all are) but I am going to try to recreate the work one immediately. Thanks sister!

  2. I like the casual set… 🙂 The dress is just sooo cute. 🙂 I think someone would look like an anime character wearing that. ^^

    I guess I’d like the shoes in purple as well… ^^

    Btw, I received the package! ^^ Huge thanks!!! ^^ I posted it in my blog… The shirt & the skirt fits perfectly. Haven’t taken a photo yet because the light in room is bad in the afternoon. I’ll take some tomorrow since I’m planning to wear the shirt at work… ^^ I’m saving the skirt for special occasions. 🙂 I love it very much! ^^ Thanks!

    • I’m so happy everything fits! I totally guessed- Cher and I had both seem a few photos of you (on your blog) so I hoped it would all fit right 🙂
      The skirt was just too cute to not send you!

      • Lol I don’t really post my pics on my blog… XD The shirt and the skirt fits just right. 🙂 I agree about the skirt. It’s sooo cute! ^^ Thanks!

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