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Nude oxfords!
I’ve been searching for a great pair of oxfords for awhile. Granted, I haven’t worn any since high school when I got a hand-me-down pair from Cher that I loved. They were flat, because at 14 I wasn’t wearing any heels, black with a buckle instead of laces.

Anyway, I found these through Forever 21, for $25. I was super excited to find nude shoes, knowing they’re big for the spring, mostly because Cher told me so.

I’ve put together a few outfits featuring the shoes to show how versatile they are (and totally worth the money!).

Outfit #1- Featuring Modcloth’s Soda Fountain Dress

new tights

I like the idea of pairing the oxfords with a vintage inspired dress. Here’s a better image of the tights (they look dark above)

Outfit #2- featuring a boho printed skirt

nude shoes2

I have a vintage boho peasant top I’ve worn once and think would look awesome with this outfit. I couldn’t find a photo of it anywhere, so I used a modern green peasant top for this outfit.

Outfit #3- featuring Forever 21 skirt
more with the shoes

This outfit is much more girlie and would be perfect for a date.

I love these shoes- I think they’re super versatile and can match nearly anything.

If you have any items you’d like me to match up and create an outfit around, please email me!


3 thoughts on “What to wear with…

  1. I love the second ensemble very much! ^^ I think it’s because I like the jacket and the green top! 🙂

    I remember liking a shoes that looks like that during high school. I unfortunately didn’t have it because they don’t have my size anymore… 😦

      • lol I don’t really have big feet… my size’s just common that’s why I always ran out of my size… ^^ You can just get yourself a new one. Those shoes looks good anyway so they’re worth it… ^^

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