Outfit request

So Cher found these awesome white sandels and requested I put a fun springy look together for her using them.

This is the “if I had a million dollars and could spend it on anything” look

And this is the “I can actually afford it all” look

They are two totally different looks! When I saw the shoes I immediately wanted to pair them with a super chic dress, and again with something more fun, so I think that’s been accomplished here.

Cher, do you like your looks?



3 thoughts on “Outfit request

  1. Aw, thanks sis. I like the expensive outfit, of course. I think I want to buy the affordable one immediately.

  2. There are some stuffs I like in the expensive set and the affordable ones… lol

    I like the eyewear on the first set… 🙂 While I like the headband, the bangle and the top as well on the second set. ^^ I’m into accessories lately. ^^ I love the shoes! ^^

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